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Sparks aka the Grunge Hobbit lives in Tehachapi, CA and has embarked on an intense and prolific period of self-education and experimentation, producing over 600 canvases in both oil and acrylic in the last 5 years. Many of her favorite paintings are created using techniques that cede some of the control to the medium — using alcohol, canned air, or simply tilting the canvas and and letting the paint go where it will. Others of her favorites involve very deliberate techniques that create interesting textures with fingers, palette knife, things from nature, sand from her backyard, etc.



“From the first moment I brushed paint to canvas, I was captivated by both the process and the results of converting my feelings into something tangible and visually compelling. Painting became an obsession in that first moment. “



Says the Grunge Hobbit, “I don’t have one noticeable style like most artists do.   I like painting using all types of techniques and styles from the very detailed to the minimal abstract.  Although, I do use alcohol like none other because not only do I use many different kinds of alcohol I create objects and my subjects with alcohol as well.  It’s rare to see the me painting without a shot glass filled with tequila, scotch or some other booze near by.  Painting for me is as it is for many artists, a passion, sometimes lovely and meditative other times a need to satisfy a craving to express myself.   In these moments I have no choice, I must paint”.


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