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It’s not up to me to fix all that is broken, especially if I didn’t break it. Some things can’t be fixed. and the loss of what is broken is only painful if you care.

Caught In A Lie

What happened to you Sparks?

I thought you stopped lying years ago

Fear of Brenda finding your lover?

She’ll make you pay, get in the way

She saw you two together

When you said you were in L.A.

Caught in a lie

You idiot

Don’t you know how to be free?

It’s not her business anyway

I thought you said you were an asshole?

You so aren’t who you used to be

Caught in a Lie

You drank her blood and felt her tears

A bond of love chained to the wall

You fucked her hard

to ease her pain

Yep, you gave her your all

Caught in a lie

Will you embrace your anger?

become happy as before

You greedy bitch

This cycle continues like a 7 year itch

Caught in a lie

like a puppet on a string


“No, no, no, no”

okay forget it



“No, no, no, no”

Okay forget it


Some time together?

“No, no, no, no”

Okay forget it


A game to feed her ego

Used, helpless and caring

Honesty gets you…

Spun like a yo-yo

Caught in a lie

Cry, make her feel better

Go ahead she says

Her need to suck you dry

Learn what love is all about

Doesn’t matter why

Caught in a Lie

You didn’t cry

You handed her lies, gave her what she wanted

She needed to see you as she thinks you are

And gather strength from your dying heart

Sadly, you have nothing left to give her

You must drop the white flag and fight

Caught in a lie

Wrapped back in your skin,  filled with laughter

She hates you now, bravo

We knew you were capable of being cruel

There is no whore colder than you

Once you admit the truth

Brenda never loved


Caught in a Lie

Now she asks why can’t you be kind

The way you once were

Funny how she expects that of others

When love was blind

and she hid under the covers

She could have been sweet

She chose not to

Caught in a lie

You’ve learned your lesson once more

Life’s pleasures intensify

Joyful and appreciative of your wonderful,

and drama free life… so, so good!

You feel sorry for her at a distance

Stuck in her own misery

Her much needed control over you seeps away

she no longer tries to see with whom you spend the day

Your last loving act, to set her free

Caught in a lie

Will you abandon her like the others?

or thank her for this precious gift?

Love her with awareness

of who she really is?

Will you have compassion for her in knowing?

you were

Caught In A Lie

Passionate Haikus

Closed eyes of Passion
Scintillating awareness
abandons the night

Soft hand touches flesh
Curves firm in depth of passion
Sweet smell, a woman

Confused as weakness
Lovingkindness slips away
Passion strikes again

I look into your concerned eyes, the warm earth from the weeds I hold in my hands fall down onto my shirt, and I laugh; I laugh. How very much I love you in this moment of laughter, and it lingers on..