Tehachapi Mountain Heat

There is no mystery to why visual artists come to places such as Tehachapi to find inspiration. The magnificence of granite boulders and trees has endured the struggle of time, casting shadows along the sun-coated mountains creating natural muses.  Sounds and smells of wildlife and earth’s magnetic pull on melted snow is the perfect blend to animate such an atmosphere of subsistence and energy.

Incredibly soothing, a boulder soaked in solar heat brings me warm sensations while lying naked on its majestic form.  Nothing could be more pleasant at this moment, with the exception of a lover. There is no greater warmth for me than that which comes from making love. A lover not only provides warmth, a lover also has the ability to award me the desire to radiate warmth from within.

This powerful mountain had somehow arranged for all my immediate desires to come true.  I instinctively glanced toward the sky. Standing before me wearing eloquent facial features, a firm body, a kind smile and eyes of wonder was the power and the beauty of a courageous warrior. One who has often appeared in my sleepless dreams.  Perhaps looking for a place of solace and peace after nobly battling civilization and every day society.  Wholesome, strong, and leaving me with nothing more than hopes of someone who has a sturdy heart to carry my yearning spirit.

Both eyes felt damp as my intended lover walked toward me, the look of disappointment at my existence and submissively offering to move further down the path, crushing.  In order to convince this handsome being to linger a while, I pretended to stay focused on my book, a novel by Jose Saramago.  After what seemed an eternity, happiness filled me, the warrior finally rested on a flat boulder.

Emitting false signs, not having intentions to invade ones solitude.  Yet, internally pleading the contrary. There was nothing I wanted more than to share this beauty with nature and the majestic mountains surrounding us.  Exhilaration consumed me as I heard clothing drop on a boulder nearby.  At that moment I wished I had peripheral vision. The only wish this mountain had not granted me.  I could not turn to face my paramour in fear of showing my truth. I’m naked to all in body, never in mind or soul.

Instead, I watched the wind gently waft across green grasses and bold flowers.  Reminding me of ocean waves.  Always moving, never repeating, yet with a similar cadence.  The desert, my burgeon, I was born here, I live here and someday I will become one with Earth here.

Gentle orbs of sweat glimmered on my bare chest as if dancing in celebration of this phenomenal view.  I was distracted by a tap on my shoulder and a hazy shape sparkling in the sunlight.  Difficult to behold due to the glare, yet I was delighted at the voice and angelical gestures before me. Calming and confidant, slowing my anxiety enough to surmise; this was an offering of water. I drank from the bottle of wet and refreshing liquid, and in doing so, I placed my hand over the giving hand of kindness.  Our first touch, captivating.

My senses became translucent as I listened to a chivalric speak of books read, and journeys through forests.  While I constantly gazed at an arousing silhouette displayed on stone.  Giving forth verbal tokens of graciousness and potency; as cerebral images of intimacy frolicked in my head.  Not knowing how my phantom appeared unclothed, I craved to touch, smell and taste this enchanting nomad.

In time, descending shadows notified me of a movement I had long anticipated. This sensual spirit began to embrace the granite on which we sat. Moaning as comfort came, allowing me to freely view muscular shapes and well-framed contours. Back, buttocks and legs, sculpted by the likes of Charles Antoine Coysevox, with flesh slightly bronzed by Earth’s light.

Ardent and humectant, our bodies glistened in warmth.  Bravely, I lifted strands of long hair, soaked in sweat, to quickly savor the nectar of concupiscent. When rejection did not surface, I gently positioned myself on top of my passionate lover. I felt a rapid heart, and the softness of skin.  The increasingly slick surface on our bodies smoothed the path for motion.  Pressed against naked flesh, circular grinding created weeps of pleasure.  Thrusting my warrior into impenetrable rock, and scraping tips of breasts with grains of dust, it felt like a powerful force carrying us from one sphere of existence to another.  Orgasmic rapture flowed through us with the energy of the mountains.  Heat and thunder, rain and snow, four seasons all at once.  Tehachapi, I’m home.

Turn, show me your naked body.  I will face you; I will reveal myself to you, mind and soul. What if man, woman, or spirit. I will blanket you with devotion, never to have shame, always to have strength, I embrace a love that is pure.