With The Touch Of Her Heart

She is defenseless in her innominate mask.

Literary profundity intensifies her awareness, passion and wisdom.

Her pain, completely recognized, is unsympathetic and combative

And yet, she weeps at the sight of anguish

This insatiable poet’s love has countless tribulations…

She will envy your significance and despise your deficiency.

Devoted to convictions that in time no longer hold true.

Her fear of being exploited is parallel to her desire to love.

A constant need to be surrounded by feigned aficionados…

Persuades her self-manipulated disguise to be her most intimate bond.

Consequently, I can only love her for what she is not.

My truth of her lies far beyond an invincible shield,

Her reality…

Is in the palm of her hands,

And with the touch of her heart she will give it all away.