My Love

My Love ,

deeper than intellects are able to describe.

A brilliant companion, all others mundane by contrast.

I dream to reflect from your coveting eyes.

To feel the reverberation of your voice waft across my unclothed body.

All that you are echoes within me.

You resolve my actions, my inspirations, and my fate.

In silence my heart lives with the resonance of you.

I am without yearning, without need, without envy.

You are my celebrated days and the buoyancy of my nights.

Embracing you as your childhood nightmares come out to play.

Your difficulties are my battle to fight vigorously and without fear.

Respecting you with admiration, tender yet strong.

Lead me to your well of blue water, to the dark and cloudy skies of warmth.

Take me to the mountains and juniper trees.

Take me to where it is that your smile breathes life, a place of comfort.

Take me, for you are my best reason for existence.

You are my love, my life, my siege of ultimate happiness.

by Sparks