Who I am – Bombastic Bitch

I probed into the silenced and unjustifiable, that which is not permissible along side my consciousness.  A much needed communiqué with my fears, wishes, and immoral thirsts draw me in.  An instance of calm and dominance constrains my logical thoughts and well-constructed pretense, releasing my otherwise conscious perception of dishonorable behavior onto the stage of my intimate existence. I set the stage with characters and props, immediately opening direction using both spirit and substance.

The sun flashes ostentatiously through the darkness and the stars began to play.  The contemporary bondage of my reality becomes subservient and allows the vibrant liberation of my emotional honesty.  I welcome the paradox union of morality and truth, nirvanas and torture, imaginary and authentic. I experience influences that interrelate with my memory and establish themselves in the physical component of my psyche; this is who I AM.  The atypical and unexplainable delusions of my emotions conformed into reality.

Here, I will hate you, I will love you, and I will fear you … this is my Truth.